Philip J. Regal

For as long as he can remember, evolutionary biologist Philip J. Regal has been fascinated by nature, adventure, and the paradox of continuity and change. This love has taken him on adventures from tropical rain forests to rare-book libraries.

From Darwinism to Global Human Ecology to a full-length study of the behaviour of bonobos, Dr. Regal's work represents a holistic approach that straddles the disciplinary lines between physiology, ecology, functional anatomy, genetics, and philosophy.


Renaissance Eroticism at THE Dawn: Donatello's "David"

For the first fourteen-hundred years of Christianity, nudity in religious art had been considered shameful—sinners burning in Hell, Adam and Eve after The Fall. However, in the early Italian Renaissance, the nude human form came to be represented with dignity and beauty, even in religious art. How were centuries of religious beliefs and traditions overcome during the time of Da Vinci, Botticelli, and Crivelli? In his new book, Renaissance Eroticism at the Dawn, Philip J. Regal explores this question in incisive detail.

8 x 11 Softcover

Colour photographs

The Anatomy of Judgment

The Anatomy of Judgment is a unique and valuable contribution to the literature of the social and humanistic contexts for science.