Elizabeth Chish-Graham

Elizabeth Chish-Graham published her debut children's book, Gracey at the Grange, with Prism Publishers in 2016. Working alongside illustrator Dawn Dougall, Elizabeth entreats readers to follow the character of Gracey -- a British immigrant-turned-scullery maid in 1835, Toronto -- into an imaginary world where history and fantasy converge in unexpected ways.

Elegant and accessible, her book is intended for kids "6-to-60."


Gracey at the Grange

Stories for Children 6-to-60

Have you ever wondered how an old historical building came about? Through the eyes of Gracey -- a young scullery maid -- we learn of just that.

Put yourself in the character of "the cook" in the 1835 Toronto House and holler at Gracey as you read her antics to your children, who will learn how the Grange became the first Art Gallery of Ontario.