Jim Roe

Novelist Jim Roe has always been an enthusiastic observer of zombie and alien movies. Using the intricacy employed in creating offensive football plays across 40 years of coaching, Jim wove together his back-to-back debut novels, Creature and The Scourge, with the helpful insight of his wife Anne.


The Scourge

After his father’s sudden heart attack, Scott Westfall took over his father’s research facility. He was looking for the one discovery that would make enough money to set him up for life — but he got more than he’d bargained for.

With time and money dwindling before him, Scott injected himself with the dangerous, experimental genetics serum designed to build better soldiers. In so doing, he unwittingly released a terror across the Americas that spread and devoured like wild fire.

The only hope lay in Galveston, Texas, home to two prominent doctors — one an expert in virology, the other in physiology. But, the indomitable power and speed of the Scourge made time extremely short…


A horrific year of war has passed since they arrived — the most cunning aggressive, blood-thirsty creatures any human has ever encountered.

The only person to have survived a night in their presence, Corporal Vargos, was recruited by Special Forces to take the fight back. When victory was achieved Vargos was tasked with one final assignment — a seemingly innocuous mission that would force him to face his worst nightmare all over again.

Onboard their spacecraft, with little time and equipment at their disposal, Vargos and his crew must find a way to hold the line between survival and a presence, so powerful and intelligent, that it threatens to destroy them all…