Devany Wolfe

Artist, fashion designer, and spiritual writer Devany Wolfe is the creator of Serpentfire Tarot: The Aeon of Horusa 78 card, gold-trimmed tarot deck that features Frida Kahlo as the Queen of Cups and Elizabeth Taylor as the Empress. Wired Magazine called it "a psychedelic journey to your inner self--or your outer hipster affectation."

Rekindle your love for the divine feminine as you trace her footsteps through the majesty of the desert. Allow these carefully crafted cards to lead you on a vision quest deep into the heart of majestic archetypes.

The artwork lends itself to traditional tarot symbolism - which you can see if you look closely - but it is also a new interpretation of the cards. This makes the deck great for beginners and seasoned collectors alike.

Product info - SIXTH EDITION

▹ Card back and box design feature the Aeon of Horus artwork. The borders of the Major Arcana differ from those of the Minor Arcana as seen above.

▹Full 78 card tarot deck featuring collage artwork by Devany Wolfe. Standard 2.75 x 4.75 card size printed on 12 point 310gsm linen card stock, which provides great colour quality, sheen, and snap back.

▹ Cards are edged in gold.

▹Deck is accompanied by a comprehensive card meanings + readings booklet written by the artist.

▹ Both deck and booklet come inside of a beautiful, durable two piece lift box.