Helen Anne Bolger and George Hayward

Ten years ago, Helen and George began meditating together. They discovered that the harmony between them produced amazing psychic phenomena.

Actually, in his or her own right, each is a humble yet multi-gifted psychic. During their sittings, Helen began drawing what appeared visually together with descriptions of the Spirit visitors she saw. Within a brief period of time, information trickled through until she was receiving and scribbling vast amounts with little difficulty. 


The Universe: Our Guiding Light

The couple unwarily fell into a system that was somewhat unique. George became a conduit or

receiving station for Helen, who telepathically received the information and wrote it down. This

method of writing is known as "automatic script". It is the technique through which their brilliant

book, The Universe: Our Guiding Light, was born.

7 x 10 Softcover